Shopping Struggles, But Running Saves the Day!

There was a time when I loved to shop for clothes.  LOVED it.  It was fun and exciting and was a way to express my creativity.  These days, however, I loathe the task most of the time.  I don’t know how many of you reading are thirty-something women, but let me tell you, the options out there for us are pretty sad.


There is a vast wasteland of clothing for women my age who want to look mature AND sexy.  Fun AND professional.  Casual AND put together.  There are shops for professional women that veer toward dull and stuffy.  There are shops for young women who clearly are spending their nights in clubs and their days taking in (what’s left of) the summer sun.  And there are outdoor stores that would be great if I was planning on hiking everyday during my office hours.  But, a store for an almost 33 year old who still feels youthful in many ways, but whose club days are far behind her?  It seems impossible.

This has been a real struggle for me as I strive to fine tune my image at this stage in my life and it’s a struggle that is not showing any signs of easing up anytime soon.  When I work up the energy to go on a shopping trip these days, I usually end up tired, discouraged, and more than a little confused about my personal style and how to find anything that expresses it appropriately.

So, where is the bright light in this sad little rant?

Running.  Running is the bright light (isn’t it usually?).


More specifically today, running apparel is the bright light.  I love shopping for running apparel.  Give me a rack stuffed with Oiselle and a shelf full of Adidas and I am in my shopping heaven.  Singlets and shorts and capris and jackets and base layers and, of course, shoes.

One of the wonderful things about running is that it gives you a built in, non-arguable reason to buy a new pair of shoes every few months.  And such it was this weekend that it was time for me to pick up a new pair of Mizunos.   So I headed down to one of my local running stores (Foot Traffic) with a mission.  I’ve grown loyal to my Wave Riders and I was thrilled to bring home a new pair.  New color, slightly lighter than my last pair (even better for racing), and just waiting to see me through my next round of training that will start in the coming weeks for the Holiday Half Marathon.

Aren’t they beautiful?

If only all of my shopping trips could be so fruitful.

18 comments on “Shopping Struggles, But Running Saves the Day!

  1. zebveg says:

    lol… I feel totally the same way! Of course I am a few years older than you, but really? Thank goodness I work in a profession in which I wear a uniform or I would really be out of luck!

  2. Yes – they are beautiful!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! Running apparel is definitely the most exciting thing to shop for 🙂

  4. Perfect for fall running!

  5. Just wait til you are almost 50, active, professional and fun – it gets even harder! I wish I could tell you the one place that has just what we want…oh wait, you know it, it is the running store!

  6. I could not agree more! What is going on with the fashion options for our age group out there?! Buying running shoes though; you are so right, that makes me happy EVERY time too! I adore the color of your new shoes!

  7. veganatomy says:

    Love the orange! Very spicy 😉

  8. Marianne says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Love your running shoes 😀

  9. minapeartree says:

    I love getting new runners! And all the colourful ones that are available just make me so happy! I’m a little jelly of these orange ones – super cool!

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