Product Review: Oiselle Running Apparel

I have fallen in love.

The object of my affection is attractive, charming, reliable, functional, and goes by the name Oiselle.

Oiselle. Isn’t it a lovely name?  As I understand it, it is a french word for bird and phonetically it looks something like this: wa-zell.  But, to me, it means a line of running clothes for women that makes my heart sing.  Yes, I did just write that cheesy line.

I came across Oiselle first in a small sporting goods store while on a mini-break in Mt. Hood, Oregon.  I purchased this t-shirt, which has quickly become a favorite item in my wardrobe, though I don’t wear it for running.  It’s so cute and so sporty and so stylish that I throw it on with jeans to run errands, get coffee, go to brunch, you get the idea.

I have since picked up two items that I do use for running.   The Aero Tank and the Long Roga Short.  Both items are incredible.  Not only are the fabrics perfect for the sport – comfortable, effective at wicking away moisture, and lightweight, but they happen to be ultra-flattering, as well.  I ran my most recent race in this tank and pair of shorts and I could not have been more pleased with their performance.  As a bonus, the designs are clever.  There are subtle pockets in unobtrusive places and details such as contrast stitching that adds style while increasing a runner’s visibility on the roads or trails.

In this humble runner’s opinion, this is a line that you can tell is made by women runner’s, for women runners (Ahem . . . as opposed to being made by a team of men in suits for anyone suckered in by a celebrity athlete’s endorsement – just sayin’).

And, yes, this is a totally unsolicited review and recommendation.  Check out the full website here: and enjoy!