Interested in Natural Ways to Fight Off Inflammation?

Happy Saturday!  I hope the rest of you are having the kind of beautiful day we are having in Portland!

I wanted to drop in to share a link to a fantastic blog and a guest post that I wrote about natural remedies for inflammation (for both acute city road - editedinflammation, such as from an injury or exercise, and chronic inflammation, as in the case of persistent tendonitis or other conditions).

The post is up over at the EcoGrrl blog here.  I invite you to check it out and while you’re there poke around.  EcoGrrl’s header will tell you that she values simplicity, discovery, sustainability, equity, and creativity – all great things, right?  It’s a virtual treasure trove of useful information about food, wellness, and whole living, plus there’s great photography, and a variety of other interesting reads, as well!