My (Wonderful) Weekend in Pictures: Long Runs, Kitchen Escapades, and A Celebration

I had a totally lovely weekend.  Here’s a little glimpse.

Absolutely gorgeous weather for a 17 miler on my Saturday morning long run:

Followed by a delicious breakfast of coffee and this amazing oatmeal:


Back home to make black bean brownies (so good!) and garlic/dill refrigerator pickles:

food collage

Celebrating Mr. Move Eat Create’s birthday on Sunday with quality sushi, homemade cake, and gift giving.  This is his happy sushi face:

birthday collage

What a terrific two days it was!!

12 comments on “My (Wonderful) Weekend in Pictures: Long Runs, Kitchen Escapades, and A Celebration

  1. So you tease me with delicious looking black bean brownies and then you don’t give me the recipe?! Begone! Evil temptress! (so really, could I have the link?)

  2. vegannparis says:

    The sushi and oatmeal look sooo good! Good job on that long run 🙂

  3. What a great weekend. I want that oatmeal 🙂

  4. willmusto says:

    Here I am skipping lunch to watch the World Championships and I stumble across your blog post with delicious looking food pictures. Looks like I’m heading back to the apartment after this and making some food.

  5. That oatmeal DOES look delicious. Mmmm. Great run – 17 miles! WOW. Good job! And I love the happy sushi face. Hilarious.

  6. 17 miles, wow!! great job!

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