Because Sometimes I Just Need A Cocktail: Honey-Laced Whiskey Sour

A well made cocktail is a thing of beauty.  I don’t drink often, really, but when I do I want something of quality.  And while I can appreciate a good drink on any given day, I relish one at the end of one of THOSE days.  Or (even more accurately) at the end of one of THOSE weeks.

partial close up cocktail

I had one of THOSE weeks last week and when Friday night rolled around I knew a night of relaxing cooking would only be improved by a smooth, balanced drink.  The only question was:  Gin or Whiskey?

On this occasion the answer was whiskey.  A whiskey sour, actually – but not a traditional one.

Honey Simple Syrup

The twist on this whiskey sour (and what makes it positively heavenly) is the honeyed simple syrup.  Quite frankly, after having this version I don’t know if I’ll ever want a traditional sour again.  The honeyed syrup adds just the right amount of depth and silkiness to an already classic drink which hit every right note.

For my vegan friends who avoid honey, I’ve wondered about trying something similar with agave.  If anyone has tried this please let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll give it a go sometime in the future.  Maybe after another one of THOSE weeks (though hopefully another one won’t come soon!).


Honey-Laced Whiskey Sour  full shot slightly above

Modified from The Joy of Mixology’s traditional sour recipe

Makes 1 cocktail


  • 2 oz bourbon or whiskey (I used Dickel.  I also like Bulleit.)
  • 1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ½ oz honeyed simple syrup (recipe below)
  • Ice


Crush/smash ice into a cocktail shaker.  Add all other ingredients.  Shake well and strain into a chilled highball glass over ice.

Honeyed Simple Syrup:

Combine equal parts honey and water ( I used ¼ cup each) in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce and simmer while stirring frequently until honey has dissolved into the water.  Remove from heat and let cool before using.  May be stored in an airtight container in your refrigerator for about a month.

23 comments on “Because Sometimes I Just Need A Cocktail: Honey-Laced Whiskey Sour

  1. Meg says:

    This sounds delicious! I’ll be making one of these on Friday for sure.

  2. EcoGrrl says:

    Yummy! Love those and old fashioneds! Funny I was just looking up gluten and whiskey – Makers Mark came recommended for bourbon and any type of Scotch whiskey.

  3. Joanne says:

    I am really just recently getting into whiskey and the sweet sour definitely seems to pair perfectly with it. Such a great way to relax after a long day at work!

  4. Ashley Bee says:

    At a party, someone left Maker’s Mark at my apartment. I wish I still had it, but I used most of it up when I needed Hot Toddies to soothe a sore throat. I’d totally make this if it was still kicking around my apartment, because I sadly discovered it was the only kind of whiskey I enjoyed!

  5. […] are so many ideas and recipes to enjoy and keep you healthy at Moveeatcreate, and some fun ones like the second link provided here for whiskey […]

  6. Oh yum! I’ve managed to catch a summer cold and it is much too warm out for my usual hot toddy remedy….but now I think I’ve found the perfect summer replacement! What excellent timing 🙂

  7. There is only one way to put – that is a sexy sounding drink! Honey-laced whiskey sour? Yes PLEASE.

  8. Definitely had one of those weeks… This is gonna be a nice start to my Friday evening 🙂

  9. I’m not really a drinker and I’ve never actually made a cocktail, but nonetheless, that does look incredibly refreshing!

  10. I’m like you, I don’t drink often, but when I do, it’s usually because I’ve had one of THOSE days. A whiskey sour would definitely hit the spot right now! 🙂

  11. msorangebuttercream says:

    Wow, this sounds absolutely delish! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait until August 11th rolls around; I’m cutting out alcohol for the time being. I could make some now and save it for later, since it can be stored in an airtight container for a month.

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