A (Brief) Race Report: C.A.T. 5k

On almost a whim, I decided to register for the C.A.T. (Cancer Awareness & Treatment) 5k held on the Fourth of July.  Having spent the last several months focusing on building endurance (and then subsequent recovery time) for the Newport Marathon, I had not done any speed work for slower races.  I had no idea how I would perform, but wanted to get out and see what I would do at my post-marathon training baseline fitness level.

The C.A.T. 5k is a walk and run event held in Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, and raises funds for a local cancer treatment center.  The courseCAT 5k travels through the center of the town and along some lovely residential streets, as well.  1000 participants were on hand for the event, along with dozens of friendly and courteous volunteers.  I didn’t get any pictures, as I went alone and brought nothing beyond what I needed for the race, but it was an enjoyable morning.

I am pleased to report that, despite not having worked on my speed much at all over the last several months, I did set a new PR for the 5k distance!  This progress is quite exciting and makes me think that with some additional focus and attention, I can continue to bring down my time.

So, how did I do?

I finished in 62nd place, in a time of 24:16.  I would love to get my 5k time down to under 23 minutes, so that’s something to shoot for.  Next up on my race calendar is the Pints to Pasta 10k in September.  I’ll certainly be adding some speed work into my training to see what I can do there!

15 comments on “A (Brief) Race Report: C.A.T. 5k

  1. Jeez…if it makes you feel better, you would have beat me by a mile.

  2. 278toBoston says:

    Congrats on the PR!

  3. barefoottc says:

    Congratulations on your new 2moro pb!! Speed work will stand you in good areas. Do you do any core strength work? That will also help a lot 🙂

  4. Joanne says:

    That is such an awesome time!! Congrats on the PR!

  5. Wow, that’s a great time! I have yet to get my time close to that, but I have a 10K goal late summer to be 55 minutes 🙂 Congrats.

  6. That is a great time! My PR for 5K is 24:29 min, my new goal is under 24 minutes.

  7. plainmama says:

    Great run! I also find that endurance training helps, yet doesn’t help my lower distance races. I definitely improve some, but would make much larger strides in time if I were strictly speed training for those races. Good luck on a speedy 10K come September! Any time goals for that one?

    • Thank you! Honestly, I don’t really have any specific goals for that one. I’m kind of just running ‘just because!’ We’ll see if I change my tune come mid-August, though! 🙂

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