Foodie Firsts: From Contract to Recurring Status (And the Wonder of Garlic Spears)

wooden spoons-001Foodie Firsts is a Move Eat Create weekly feature focusing on my adventures in the world of food.  Over the course of a few short years, I have transformed from a picky, fearful eater to a curious and open-minded foodie.  In a commitment to continue to expand my culinary experiences, I have started Foodie Firsts.  Each week I will commit to trying something new and sharing that experience with you.  My endeavors may include experimenting with cooking techniques I’ve never tried before, testing a single new ingredient, or drawing upon my creativity to combine foods in ways I never imagined.  Whatever it is, I will eat (or maybe drink) it and share it all with you.  You can decide for yourself whether you, too, would like to try.  Let’s be bold and eat good food!


So there is this thing in television that happens when someone goes from contract status to recurring status.  It means that instead of being featured regularly, the character just sort of pops up now and then, whenever the storyline dictates it or just enough to make sure the other characters haven’t forgotten they’re around.

And by television I mean daytime soap operas.

Don’t ask me how I know so much about daytime soap operas.  I will plead the fifth in order to preserve my semi-intellectual reputation.

(But if you ever want to talk about General Hospital, you know where to find me.)

The point is that this column is going from contract to recurring status.  I wanted to kick it off with a weekly edition and have found it to be incredibly fun and a terrific motivator to keep pushing myself culinarily speaking, but rather than continue it as a weekly feature, I’ll be posting Foodie Firsts a bit more sporadically, mixed in with my other regular posts.  A large part of this is due to my continued dietary changes (the whole gluten is poisoning me thing) and spending a good deal of my cooking time sorting that issue out.

Garlic Spears - edited

But, as the last regular Thursday edition, I did want to mention roasted garlic spears.  Because as I learned last week, roasted garlic spears are freaking incredible.

For someone who pretty strongly believes a savory meal can never have too much garlic, I can’t believe I haven’t tried them before.  I hadn’t intended to do a full post on them, so I didn’t take any pictures of them cooked, I just snapped a few raw because they were so pretty to look at it.

I roasted my garlic spears for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven after drizzling them with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and sprinkling with salt and pepper.  So simple.  So easy.  So delicious.

I ate them just like that, picking them up with my fingers and biting right in.  The amount of flavor in these spears is impressive and the crispy texture sublime.  The garlic does not overwhelm the tastebuds, as it softens and sweetens through the roasting process, leaving a perfectly palatable and beautiful side dish.

Garlic spears are only in season for a short time, but they are certainly peaking right now.  If you find a batch at your market, snatch it up (or snatch a few up) and roast away.

This is the find of the season for my little kitchen – maybe it can be yours, too.

12 comments on “Foodie Firsts: From Contract to Recurring Status (And the Wonder of Garlic Spears)

  1. debbiec67 says:

    We tried them for the first time in our Full Circle order this week. They were amazingly strong-flavored served raw! I added them to a stir fry and they were great.

  2. Janet Rörschåch says:

    This gave me a smile. Hail Garlic!

  3. I grew garlic this year. That looks like the flower part of the garlic. Is it?

  4. I like them in salad but I slice them thin and sprinkle them so it’s more like a pop instead of a smack.

  5. Joanne says:

    Well I’m glad that foodie firsts isn’t going anywhere! I haven’t gotten any garlic scapes this year! need to seek some out before the season is up!

  6. colossalgarbage says:

    I never heard of garlic spears before until now, which is a little disappointing since I’m such a huge garlic fan. I need to hunt those suckers down, pronto!

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