The Super-Incredible Reinforcing Loop of Creativity and Confidence!

red loops

photo credit: Patrick Hoesly via photopin cc

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I’ve noticed this neat cycle in my life involving creativity.  I have even given it a name.  I am calling it the Super-Incredible Reinforcing Loop of Creativity and Confidence!

What do you think?

Sometimes I’m a total cornball, but it’s kind of great, right?? Eh???

Okay, in all seriousness, let me explain what I’m talking about.  It goes something like this:

I tentatively try something new.  This something new is successful on some level (maybe it’s great, but at the bare minimum, I survive it intact).  Feelings of wonder, amazement, euphoria, surprise, relief, and etcetera ensue from the successful venture.  Emboldened by these feelings, I try something else new, this time maybe a bit less tentatively.  And the loop starts again and again and again.

Sure, I’ve tried new things before, but what’s different right now is the way in which my creative mind is responding to it.  I’m keenly aware that with each endeavor my confidence builds just a bit more, which in turn, triggers more creative sparkage and subsequently builds even more confidence.

It’s quite the little snowball of activity, I must say.

And, my creative side is showing up in interesting ways.  I haven’t blogged about the more obvious manifestations of creative exploits lately (like my knitting) because I haven’t been doing so much of them, if I’m going to be honest.  (I miss this activity and will get back to it in time, but for various life-related reasons, I’ve had to take a knitting hiatus.)

But other creative endeavors are flourishing.

There is my cooking mojo, for instance.  I’ve been feeling much more inventive in the kitchen lately, heady with bravado, tossing strict recipes to the wayside and operating more organically, spontaneously, and fluidly as a result.

In bowl with parsley 4 - edited

There is also my blogging/writing.  Ideas have been popping up in my head left and right.  The challenge for me right now is to organize them for filtering and action.

Then there’s my work.  Moving into a new job where I’m being given space and encouragement to think, try, and just go out and do has been refreshing and welcomed.

There are other things, too.  I’ve started a balcony garden, unleashing my creativity on the tasks of selecting seeds and planters, gathering ideas for growing methods and combinations of herbs and veggies to nurture.  I’m thinking about running and workout training methods with a fresh perspective.  I’m itching to refresh my wardrobe with some new infusions of color and style and having visions of ways to clean up and brighten up my living space.

pot with scoop - edited

It’s strikingly clear to me right now how much just simply surviving something that can be scary or intimidating can build new levels of confidence that filter in to so many parts of my life.  I am by no means totally triumphant in all the things I’m attempting, but just getting through them without complete disaster striking is sometimes all I need to spur the next attempt, the next idea, and the next big (to me) thing.  It’s one loop I don’t mind being stuck in.

17 comments on “The Super-Incredible Reinforcing Loop of Creativity and Confidence!

  1. courage2run says:

    Love this! You’re living life to the fullest, sounds like to me. 🙂

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! And I hope the positive vibes keep rolling for you.

    “There is my cooking mojo, for instance. I’ve been feeling much more inventive in the kitchen lately, heady with bravado, tossing strict recipes to the wayside and operating more organically, spontaneously, and fluidly as a result.”

    Oi, that’s my cooking mojo! Give it back! 🙂

  3. Barclay says:

    I so appreciate how eloquently you’ve articulated these observations. I’ve noticed much the same thing in my life. For me, blogging has been a new creative outlet, and ever since I’ve begun, I have more creativity in the kitchen, more energy for projects, and am getting started on some long-ignored decorating ideas. Thanks for a great post!

  4. Red Hen says:

    Totally agree: trying something scary really is a confidence builder.

  5. Lately I’ve been feeling a lack of creativity and I think you’ve just inspired me to try something new to jump start a new loop 🙂

  6. twistedchica says:

    Your loop is inspiring and the name…well, YES! The SIRLCC…perfect.

  7. Jim Brennan says:

    Makes perfect sense to me, and the confidence at the end of your title is key to taking it to the next level. Loved your energy in this post, happy for you.

  8. msokane says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. What you say is so true about needing to take a risk in order to gain the courage to take a risk – the experience is cyclical, looping back upon itself. And true, deep learning does not take place without an element of risk, discomfort, strangeness. Good for you for regularly stepping out of your comfort zone.

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