Vegan Cuts: In Which I Tell You How Much I Love Them and Then Host A Giveaway!

If you spend much time poking around the internet, you may have noticed that there are loads of companies these days cashing in on the monthly subscription box concept.  The idea behind this is basically that you (the consumer) pay a monthly fee to be shipped a box full of mystery products once per month to sample.  It gives the consumer a sense of surprise and fun, plus the ability to try new things.  I liked this idea for a long time, but wanted to be sure that I found a subscription club that I could trust to not let me down.  Even though unsubscribing is always an option at any time, I still wanted to find something to enjoy for a while.  It is truly disappointing to wait to get your package in the mail, open it up with excitement and then see little in it that interests you.  That is not a good time.

But, I’ve found Vegan Cuts and Vegan Cuts IS a good time.


They have totally made me a believer in the genius of the monthly subscription mystery box process.  I had tried another very popular program and was disappointed, but wanted to give it another try with someone else and I’m so glad I did.  I have received 3 boxes from Vegan Cuts so far and have been delighted with each one.  They have been filled with quality products, suiting my lifestyle and dietary preferences by the nature of the products they carry, and I have discovered some really fantastic items that I doubt I would have before.

Plus, it’s just plain fun.  I’ve always been the type of person that loves getting mail (when it’s not a bill or a jury summons, that is).  It really is like getting a little present sent to me each month and seeing it on my doorstep is always a bright spot in my day.  The majority of the items are food products, but I’ve also received body and skin care items, which is an extra special indulgence.

Benefit Foods Vbar Box_FB Store

My favorite discovery so far has been Vbars.  I am a BIG fan of nutritious, minimally processed snack bars.  I made a list a while back of some of my favorites, which you can see here, though if I was going to make this list again today, Vbars would definitely be on it.  They are unbelievably tasty, hit the right nutritional notes for me, and have a slightly crunchy texture that I love.  YUM.  I was also was excited to try the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips that came in my most recent package.  Sweet potatoes aren’t normally my favorite, but clearly I have been eating them wrong, because these are fantastic.

One of the things I particularly like about Vegan Cuts is that they have an online storefront where items received in your box can be purchased individually if you find something you love.  I jumped on this opportunity with the Vbars and have already ordered two boxes of them.  It is nice to get to experiment with these products and then have immediate access to get the items that stand out to you.

Clearly, I’m a fan of this company.

I became even a bigger fan when they generously agreed to give away one Vegan Cuts box to a reader!  I’m delighted to be able to share the love with one of you and hope that someone else will have as much fun with this as I am having.  The winner will be selected at random and will be shipped their very own Vegan Cuts box for one month.

To enter to win your Vegan Cuts box, simply leave a comment below telling me what kind of treat you would hope to find in your mystery box. You can check out their partner companies at the website here for more ideas on what they may send.  This giveaway will close at midnight (PST) on Wednesday May 8th, and I will announce the winner later in the week.

***** UPDATE: This giveaway has closed.  Congratulations to Brooke who won the Vegan Cuts box.  Thank you to everyone who participated! *****

57 comments on “Vegan Cuts: In Which I Tell You How Much I Love Them and Then Host A Giveaway!

  1. Melanie says:

    I am a huge fan of the subscription boxes and love learning about new ones!

    I have two picks, one beauty and one food, that would be awesome to try out. For beauty, the GlamNatural lip gloss. I’m a sucker for a good lip gloss. For food, the YAMP! bars jumped out at me. The mocha one has salt in it; sounds tasty!

  2. msokaneJulia says:

    I would love to find some potato chips! They’re my favourite food, but I don’t indulge often because they really aren’t very healthy. But if I got a bag of chips in my mystery box, I would be oh so happy!

  3. Eddy Gilmore says:

    Surf Sweets Vegan Gummies, Righteously Raw Divine Mint Chocolate, and the Budi bars….

  4. I would hope for crunchy treats, like popcorn or chips 🙂

  5. Ahhhh I’ve been wanting to buy the EcoJarz lids for a while now and I just haven’t gotten around to it! All of the stuff on their site looks pretty fantastic though… I pretty much never treat myself to those kinds of treats!

  6. raechel says:

    These surprise boxes sound so fun! I would love to try that 22 Days protein powder. I’ve had their bars before, but I love finding new winning protein powders for my smoothies!

  7. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t like. Although anything melty wouldn’t work because it gets really hot here. I’ve never tried the Vbars so those sound awesome. I hate shelling out big bucks for bars then end up not liking them I’ve been thinking of signing up for Vegan Cuts but I’ve been reluctant to. This review is really twisting my arm. 🙂

  8. I feel like such a dork for saying this, but this concept is so exciting to me. I love receiving new goodies. Whether it’s food or skincare products I am one of those people who goes home after purchasing and immediately rips open the package. You made the Vbars sound so delicious that I wouldn’t mind trying those and the Amore di Mona Sampler has also momentarily hijacked my thoughts (chocolate always does!). Great post!

  9. I love the idea of this! I too enjoy getting surprises and treats in the mail. Is there any kind of customization available for your box? For example do you complete a profile when signing up where you share the kind of products you like or are allergic to? I am intrigued now, as this is something that is practical as well as being an indulgence! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Debbie! There are not any customization offers offered. I suppose that could be an issue if allergies are present. It could certainly be good feedback for the Vegan Cuts team, too.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers review these boxes and they have intrigued me, too. It would be nice to get a box of treats delivered every month. I used to do a local pick-up for raw treats, but they were single runs and no recipes provided, so I was left hanging. It is nice to have the treats without the fuss of an entire batch, that’s for sure. I think I’d like anything with chocolate. 🙂

  11. Sarah S says:

    I would have to say anything! The chocolate all looks good!
    I love the idea of this, I saw it before and was looking at it. I am on the quest to being vegan. Doing good being mostly plant-based and clean eating but right now trying to get the whole family on board, husband being the hardest. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift that keeps giving!

  12. […] over to my previous post here and leave a comment by midnight PST […]

  13. zebveg says:

    Hmmm, I have thought about getting these boxes! I think I would like to feed my inner sweet, salty spicy with either a bar or some chips I like crunchy too! How about a little dark chocolate with chipotle spice! mmmm!

  14. saltedplates says:

    I would love to find a new favorite granola bar or cracker!

  15. laurie says:

    I would love to try the sunscreen. I’ve been looking for a new spray on one that isn’t so sticky and has more natural ingredients and that one sounds great! Plus the scents sound delish!!!

  16. This is exciting! I have been trying to find a box which offers clean items, I looked through their site and the few I looked at all were! YAY! I am in need of something sweet and nutty…hmmmm. I don’t know surprise me! (if I win of course!) Otherwise, I may just order myself and get a surprise every month!

  17. Oh my gosh, I just spent some more time on their site. I AM IN LOVE!

  18. Before reading this post I had never heard of monthly subscription boxes! I’m going to have to check into it! I love getting packages in the mail! 🙂

  19. Jennifer Szescula Flanagan says:

    This seems so awesome. After trying to pick out my own vegan, GF, Non-GMO snacks (and getting exhausted and nothing in the process) this is such a deal. For me anything that is snacky – chocolate and/or crunchy/salty is always welcome. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  20. I do love sweet potato chips. I first discovered them at my daughter’s wedding dinner. I sometimes make them myself, but usually end up making sweet potato fries, because they are so much easier.

  21. Julia says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of these boxes. I am often overwhelmed when it comes to feeding my family healthy food….so then “I EAT!” Mostly junk. I have recently started looking into healthy options for us all to eat. I would love to have healthy snack foods that everyone would enjoy. The chocolate looked good!…and my girls love beef jerky, so the vegan jerky looked interesting.

    I seem to have the “exercise” part going well…time to get serious about healthy eating too!

    • Thanks for sharing that, Julia. When I started making all my lifestyle changes, I started with the food and then added in the fitness later. I always find it’s easy to take it one at a time, so it’s great to hear that you’ve got the exercise part down! I’ve no doubt the rest will come. 🙂

  22. mouchelux says:

    This looks like a fantastic service – I take it your giveaway isn’t open to UK residents but I shall be investigating to see if there is anything similar in the UK (I know they do ship worldwide but as much as I love my snacks, I can’t be paying $35 for them). So many new and interesting looking products though!

  23. Hi Shannon,

    I should probably sign up for these vegan boxes…up here in Alaska it’s pretty slim pickin’s. Thanks for following my blog, I really appreciate it! Cheers 🙂

  24. I’d love to try some of these. I’m a mostly vegetarian and would like to try more vegan dishes. Cheers!

  25. I think I would hope for the Amore Di Mona sample.

  26. Brooke T. says:

    What a lovely giveaway!

    I think I would really like the Organic Nectars Raw Chocolate Sampler or the Vegan Gummy Candies or maybe even the Box of Gogi Superfruit Truffles! So many yummy, things. 🙂


  27. runnergurrl says:

    I love these boxes! I would love to find Vega bars. Oh, and Vega bars 🙂

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