My Weekend In Pictures

Here’s my weekend in a nutshell.  It was a lovely couple of days in Portland and I reached a milestone this weekend – first 20 mile run is complete!

photo credit: Tal Bright via photopin cc

photo credit: Tal Bright via photopin cc

20 miles, you all!  Woot!

I celebrated with a peaceful and delicious hour at one of my favorite coffee shops.

Good book.  Delicious scone.  Ultra satisfying cup of coffee.

Good book. Delicious scone. Ultra satisfying cup of coffee.

Later, I went looking for work shoes and found these instead.

mizunos - edited

For $45!! These are my favorite Mizunos which normally run over $100.  It was the deal of a century.

I cooked up an exciting dinner (those pictures will come later in the week) and spent an hour with The Doctor.

Sunday was brunch out with my favorite people and seeing life starting to make itself known in my first apartment container garden.

plants - edited

Not too shabby.

26 comments on “My Weekend In Pictures

  1. MikeW says:

    Twenty is QUITE an accomplishment! Glad you found a recovery room with coffee pouring to the sound of pages turning.

  2. la says:

    twenty miles, super hardcore.

  3. nimiuh79 says:

    Love your shop-for-work-shoes-and ended-up-with-trainers trip! hahah I would have done that myself too!

  4. Aw I know how it feels to see something grow 🙂 That’s all the real estate I have now for growing things. Little pots of herbs in front of my sink. If you haven’t, try planting an onion. You will have infinite spring onions!

  5. museikchik says:

    Congrats on reaching 20 miles!!! I am nowhere close to that. Definitely inspiring. 🙂

  6. marob23 says:

    Congratulations on your 20 mile run. Bravo. All the other good stuff followed thanks to running karma 🙂

  7. Congrats on the 20 mile run!!! Something to really feel good about!

  8. Congrats on your first 20 miler! That’s a big accomplishment! Great job.

  9. 20 miles! Now that’s inspirational, especially when there’s cake at the finish 😉

  10. Joanne says:

    Yay for your first 20 miler! That is seriously no easy feat. You are officially marathon-ready. 😛

  11. davehuseman says:

    Not sure how I missed this milestone post before… Congratulations! A 20 miler is an incredible accomplishment. Very proud!!!

  12. Eddy Gilmore says:

    What a great day! Very inspiring and no whining. All fun. Keep it up!

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