Newport Marathon Training Update: In the Thick of It

Here I am – 7 weeks out from my first marathon and it felt like a good time to share an update on how things are going.  Dare I say it?  Am I un-superstitious enough to say it??  Things are going . . . well.  Pretty damn well, actually.

Now that I’ve said it to others, I’m nervous.


Rounding the turn

Okay, well, I will hope that jinxes are a myth.  As I was saying, things are progressing nicely.  I’ve been steadily increasing my mileage.  Weeknight runs have been upped slightly and my long runs are moving up, too.  I’m in the stretch of training right now where progress is quantifiable – making itself clear as I log paces, splits, and miles.  Before I know it, I’ll be completing my first 20+ miler before settling in for the taper.  It’s exciting and, while a bit nerve-racking, exciting wins out.

I love it when that happens.

The really great thing is that my body feels good.  Attention to recovery after workouts and my overall nutrition have been paying off in supporting my training.  I’ve become close friends with my foam roller, tennis balls (for managing knots in my glutes), weekly yoga cross-training sessions, and compression socks (nothing feels as good as compression socks after a long run).  And, I should mention, Vega Recovery Accelerator and Performance Protein shakes are always stocked in my pantry.

I’m having a blast.

I’m nervous still, for sure.  I spend too much time looking at race time estimators, doubting what they tell me I should be able to do (doubting myself).  I’m still working on that.

I occasionally get upset when I feel like my tempo pace wasn’t what it could have been.  I’m still working on that, too.


But, overall, I am finding myself as a runner.  I am finding out what feels good, what feels right, for me.  I am finding out that I am capable of a hell of a lot more than I usually give myself credit for.  I am finding out that I love to run without music – tuning in instead to the sounds of my feet, my breath, the birds, even the chatter in my head.  I am finding out how much this sport means to me and this is all pretty incredible.

Maybe I’m in a prolonged state of runner’s high right now, who knows?  But, I hope at least some of this keeps up.

So, 7 weeks to go.  I have little doubt that the next 7 weeks will be a roller coaster of running-related emotions, but I think know I’m up for it.

P.S.  I heart you Boston runners, volunteers, event organizers, cheerer-on’ers, and runners throughout the world who were there with you in spirit yesterday.  May healing ensue swiftly and warmly.

24 comments on “Newport Marathon Training Update: In the Thick of It

  1. You can do it! I’m doing my first HALF marathon and I’m scared silly. I’ve heard the Newport marathon is beautiful… maybe I’ll put on my “someday list” if I get through this halfie ok. Although I always said I would never run a full. Famous last words? Perhaps. Never say never!

    Great job! After the race, reward yourself with Nutella sandwiches for a week straight? I would. 🙂

    • Never say never is right!! If you ever decide to run it, feel free to let me know. I’d be happy to meet you there to cheer you on or run, too! 🙂

      Also, oh my, a week of Nutella sandwiches??? Oh my. Yum.

      • That’s so sweet! Cheering is an important job, for sure! I have family out in the Newport area, so if I ever do decide to run a marathon, that will be the one! (I live in Portland, too, btw!) I was so craving Nutella (obv, per my comment to you) that I just picked some up last night on a late-night shopping spree. Bad idea. But so good on rice cakes! 🙂

      • Oh, I love the rice cake idea. Thanks! (Also, I totally missed the fact that you were a Portlander – love it!)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my site and good luck in your training – I love running, but are so flat-footed I end up just damaging myself! Have you tried maca powder? It really gives me a boost when I’m training…check out my post “Kickstart Your Workout Session” for a homemade protein shake with maca.

  3. marob23 says:

    Sounds as if you are on track, reaping the benefits of following your schedule and recovery. An inspiration to me.. My own approach to race training is haphazard at best 😉 but maybe next time I will try and stick to the plan. Interested in your comment on compression socks – do you wear them after training? Interested to hear if they are worth the money. Nice post

    • Thank you! I wear compression socks (I’ve being using the Pro Compression brand) on Saturdays after my long run. I put them on when I get out of the shower and wear them all day. I started about 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say that my legs feel GREAT after my long runs since wearing them. I’m a believer. They are definitely pricey, but I would say that investing in a pair for those days has been worth it for. Good luck on your own training, too!

  4. olivetorun says:

    This: “But, overall, I am finding myself as a runner.” Is awesome! 🙂 You’re going to do great at your race!

  5. notmrsN says:

    Your first marathon IS exciting! Good luck with the rest of your training. Hope it continues to go well. On race day remember, pain is temporary but pride is forever. You’ve got this!!!

  6. It’s so great when you hit that point where you feel the added strength in your body. Sounds like you’re there.

  7. tlsylvan says:

    “But overall, I am finding myself as a runner.” <- This is what it's all about! Every week accomplishing more than you thought you could, bouncing back from long runs, and feeling stronger. You're going to rock your marathon!

  8. Eddy Gilmore says:

    Nice update friend. Proud of you for sticking to it. Inspiring for anyone I think. SO…… the compression socks. I just got me a pair too, because I tend to have calf and achilles issues. I assume you’re wearing them during the run and feel better after you’re done as a result. Sorry to be so bloody dense, LOL, but I’m still trying to grab hold of those more. Of course I’m probably a little embarrassed wearing those things like knickers all the way up to the top of my knees.

    • Hi Eddy, I actually wear mine after my long runs. I put them on pretty much right when I get out of the shower. They help promote blood circulation and overall recovery, so they help your legs heal up after all the pounding. I do know other runners who wear them during their runs, but I haven’t tried that, yet.

  9. You will be fine! Just like you said – we are much more capable than we know!

  10. Sounds like you’re totally up for it! I’m sure you’ll kill it…good luck with the last 7 weeks of training!

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