Newport Marathon Training Update: This Is Starting To Get Real, You All!

Being that today marks week 6 of training for my first marathon in Newport, I figured it was about time to check in about how it was going.

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First, I will say: so far, so good.

Thus far, I haven’t done anything that I haven’t done before, so to speak.  Honestly, I’ve been doing a bit less than I’ve done before.  My training plan (as training plans are keen to do) builds up over time, so my first few weeks have been relatively easy.  I’ve been consistent with my schedule and laying the groundwork to start increasing mileage.  I’m happy to say that I’m feeling strong so far.  My body is feeling healthy; I’m running what I should be and I’m fitting in some cross-training for overall balance.

Second, I will say: I think I’m about to turn a (exciting, but sort of nerve-inducing) corner.

In the coming weeks, I will surely test my endurance, time commitment, and mental resolve.  This current week is still ‘easy’, but things will start to steadily build from there.  My plan calls for me to start increasing my weeknight running mileage, as well as to build up my long run up on Saturdays.  In a month’s time, I will be pushing myself close to setting new distance personal records for myself.  I’m excited to make this progress, but, of course, my mind is always chirping at me with some self-doubt, too.

One of my biggest concerns is simply the time factor.  I know that I will make the time to log the miles that I need, but being a person with a tightly packed schedule, it does give me a bit of stress thinking of what I will have to cut back on or forego in order to make it happen.

But I will.

I will make it happen (and I’m sure I’ll tell you how it goes).

The reality of my marathon-mission set in this weekend as I took two more steps forward.  I finally booked my hotel room for the overnight stay and I registered for a half-marathon as part of my training.  My plan actually recommends that I run a half-marathon right around the mid-point of my plan, so I set out to see if there is a local one happening that weekend . . . and there is!  I’m now registered for the Hop Hop Half on March 24th!


So, there you have it.  Marathon training is fully underway, accommodations are arranged, and I’ve got a new race to complete in three weeks!

I know many others are also ramping up your training as spring heads our way.  How’s it going for you?

20 comments on “Newport Marathon Training Update: This Is Starting To Get Real, You All!

  1. jenn says:

    so exciting!! i’m in week 8 of my training for my first post-op half, and i’m also enjoying a running de-load week (every four weeks i get gifted one of those hehe) in prep for a 10-mile race this weekend. the weather has been making things really difficult – i hate ‘mill running outside of speedwork, so i’ve been freezing my tailfeathers off in the frigid cold! but it always somehow manages to be worth it, eh? : )

  2. roadtoedinburgh13 says:

    Really exciting stuff! I’ve just signed up for a half marathon on the 24th as well – but in Gloucestershire. It all seemed so far away but now I can feel a big month ahead!

  3. Nick says:

    My first 5K is this weekend, and I’m signed up for another in June; traveling out of town for races is not within my scope at the moment, but we will see what the future brings…I may back down from my intention to run a full marathon in January, and run the half-marathon instead; but it’s kind of early to decide, I think. the time commitment issues have not become too much, yet, but they too are looming on the horizon!

  4. Tania_tc says:

    Great going and awesome that you are planning things ahead. I always seem to do everything at the last moment. Need to start planning for my June race as well…

  5. Joanne says:

    Yay this is so exciting! You’ve got such a great attitude and I know you’ll be FINE. I’ve got a few halfs in the works this spring and then come June I start training for the NYC marathon!

    • Thanks, Joanne! How wonderful it will surely be to run the NYC marathon this year. I hope it goes smoothly and brings some normalcy back after last year’s chaos. Good luck on your halfs!

  6. Well, I admire anyone who does this 🙂 I guess you could say I live vicariously- sounds good, admirable but I can’t imagine myself running. Yoga is about as hardcore as I get. Good Luck!

  7. Britta says:

    That’s AWESOME!! I am also running a half on March 24th! You marathoners inspire me… needless to say they still overwhelm me (which is why I haven’t signed up for a full marathon), but I am really excited to read all about your training – cannot wait!

  8. pursuitofhappieness says:

    This is so fantastic!! Congrats and you will rock! We are doing a half marathon in 2 months, have been training but not as many runs as I would like due to being in a city where winter sticks around a little too long for my liking 🙂

  9. eebrunning says:

    Awesome!!! I looked at this one too! I’m nervous though about running my first marathon so I chose to stick with halfs for this year!

  10. colossalgarbage says:

    Good luck with the marathon, which I’m sure you won’t need! I feel like such a weenie with my upcoming 5K but hey, I have to start somewhere, right?

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