A Burgeoning Obsession: Fingerless Mitts

I used to think that fingerless mitts and gloves were, well to be honest, weird.  I just didn’t get them.  I mean, why make, buy or wear something that only did half a job??

Oh, naïve Me.

I knitted my first pair of fingerless mitts despite these ill-formed beliefs primarily because I didn’t feel quite ready/skilled enough to knit a full pair of gloves and wanted to practice a bit first.  Needless to say, once I knitted them, I realized how deluded I had been.  Fingerless mitts are fantastic!  I just finished making my third pair (my favorite so far) and I can’t get enough.

mitts 4

Not only are they just plain fun as a fashion accessory, but they actually do a complete and wonderful job – it’s just a DIFFERENT job than the one full gloves or mittens do.  I’ve mentioned before that I have Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  It’s an awful thing and even when I’m indoors at work, my fingers, while not in full-on Raynaud’s dysfunctional immobility mode, are still quite cold.  I tried wearing gloves in my office, but typing became a bit problematic.  After fumbling with my keyboard and typing words with so many errors that they didn’t even resemble English, I knew gloves and work were not going to co-exist harmoniously.

Enter fingerless mitts.

Now, obviously, they don’t cover all parts of my fingers, so I still have some cold and discomfort, but the additional warmth on the majority of my hand really does make some difference.

Plus, they’re fun to knit.  Many knitters have favorite things to knit.  Some knitters always have a pair of socks on the needles, others live for hats.  At least for right now, these are my becoming my go-to project.

These newest ones are made from the Pine Court Mitts pattern by Shannon Squire.  It’s a fantastic pattern and, even better, written by the owner of my very own local yarn store, Twisted, which is an amazing LYS.  They’re not too chunky, which I like, and the cabled detailing is enough to make them interesting and fun, without being too busy on the eyes (hence not detracting from or clashing with whatever I might be wearing on any given day).  I used a beautiful random yarn that I picked up in a clearance bin.  The bit of cashmere in it makes it unbelievably soft and cozy on my hands and the variegated grey colorway is endlessly versatile.  Frankly, I couldn’t be happier with these.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m not eager to cast on the next pair!

21 comments on “A Burgeoning Obsession: Fingerless Mitts

  1. I love these! I run with my dog and with my iPod, so fingerless mitts are the ticket. It’s not easy picking up after your pet with gloves on, and don’t even think about changing the music on the iPod. Your mitts are beautiful!

  2. Maurie says:

    I’ve recently started my first set. Of course, being me, I chose to do them on size one needles with merino sock yarn and in a pattern with techniques I’ve never done before. They’re stalled till I sit down for some you tube tutorial videos, but I am looking forward to them. Thankfully the yarn is light enough that they’ll probably still be useful in the spring when I get around to finishing them! The ones you did look lovely!

  3. Joanne says:

    I have a pair of fingerless gloves and they are the BEST! They totally keep my hands warm and still allow my fingers to function. WIN.

  4. dindu1989 says:

    Oh my gosh I love these! I have the same circulation problem and know exactly what you’re talking about…I totally need to buy these and use them in my office! Love that they are homemade too.

  5. Andrea says:

    They turned out nice. I too have an obsession with fingerless mitts. I love to knit them. They are the perfect instant gratification knitting project. And I’m always cold, so they are practical. 🙂

  6. Melanie says:

    Super cute!! I might need to try some out too.

  7. Kate says:

    I can’t believe that you’ve only just discovered how great fingerless mitts are when you have raynaud’s! I don’t have it, but my hands and feet get cold (so I’m a fan of knitted socks too!) and I wear fingerless mitts almost all the time in winter, especially at work with all the typing! I’m glad you’ve discovered them, and have fun making more 🙂

    • I’m so glad, too. And, it’s good to hear from you! I hope you are well!

      • Kate says:

        Apart from being tired all the time (but what Mum isn’t??!) I am going really well 🙂 And Athena is great too, she’s been crawling now for a month, and has six teeth! She’s vibrant, interested and a gorgeous girl. Knitting is a little slow, but what can you expect?
        And you’ve inspired me. Once I finish the socks I’m currently knitting I am going to cast on another pair of fingerless mitts for me! A good present for myself since I am going back to work after 11 months of maternity leave in three week’s time.

      • That’s so great, Kate! You deserve a present for yourself, for sure. Best of luck back at work and I’m glad to hear that Athena is doing wonderfully, too!

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