What a Difference a Week Makes!

In regards to my running performance, that is.

I had been having a wee bit of rockiness over the last couple of weeks with my running routine.  After finishing my first half-marathon, I had a to be expected week of recovery.  I ran solidly, but did try to give my legs a bit of a break to get their kick back.

All the while, I developed a sinus infection.  I have a history of cold weather sinus infections that leave me dizzy and groggy and kind of a mess.  I tried to run through it most days, but it certainly impacted my abilities.

Then I went on a little vacation (still sick, mind you). It was a fairly short trip, but it was still several days away from home, with a different schedule and routine.  I managed to sneak in a couple of runs while away, but they felt stressed and squeezed in to times and days where there wasn’t really a proper space for them.  Not to mention that they were on a treadmill in a hotel basement (blech).

Then, as I returned home and tried to get back into the real groove and routine of my running life, autumn weather hit in all its disruptive glory, and I wasn’t quite prepared for it.  First of all, I was still feeling somewhat ill and not quite myself.  Second, this was not our ordinary rain. I’m no stranger to rain in Portland, but this particular week it POURED.  Buckets of rain seemed to dump from the sky exactly when I was set to head out and then the wind conspired to ensure that said rain seemed to come at me horizontally, instead of vertically from above.

I was frustrated and I missed my running groove. I was worried of losing my momentum and progress.  I was crabby.

Then last week happened.

And what a week it was!

After heading out to my local running store and investing in a proper running jacket for the wet weather, I felt prepared.  No more vacations.  My schedule was back to normal.  I had the gear.  My sinus infection was almost entirely gone.  I was ready.  Funny enough, I haven’t even used my rain jacket yet, because the weather reverted back to lovely autumn Portland weather – where rain drizzles, not pours, and temperatures are pretty moderate.

So last week, folks, I killed it.

Not only did I settle back into my beloved routine, but every single run was great.  My legs were rested and strong and I enjoyed nearly every stride I took.  I had fun.  Serious, serious fun.  Plus, I blew my weekly mileage PR out of the water and had one of my strongest tempo runs ever.  I am feeling more confident than ever that I am well on my way to rocking the Holiday Half in a few weeks and making some marathon registration decisions soon.

It feels good to be back!

One comment on “What a Difference a Week Makes!

  1. Joanne says:

    The week after a vacation or cold I NEVER feel good…but the week AFTER that is usually pretty awesome. So glad you’re back to your old self!

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