My Saturday Food Spectacular: Portland VegFest and A Night Out at Blossoming Lotus (Or: Oh My Goodness, I Ate Too Much Delicious Food!)

Let’s talk about the day o’ so much food, shall we?

I’m usually pretty regimented with my eating schedule.  I have a routine and it works well for me.  But this past Saturday ended up hosting a confluence of events that led to a very, VERY full day of eating.  Though I’m not complaining, as all day long I was fortunate to be faced with delicious (and healthy!) food events.

After my standard post-long run meal, I decided to check out the 2012 Portland VegFest.  Touted as being “Portland’s largest plant-based food event”, I figured I’d go and see what the event had to offer.  Tickets were affordable and I was pretty sure that I’d make up for the cost of said ticket with all the free food I would sample.  And, I was definitely right!

The two-day expo featured many events (speakers, video screenings, etc), but I just went to wander around and check out the vendors.  There were dozens and dozens of them and it ended up being quite an enjoyable experience.  I sampled salsa and hummus and ‘cheese’cake and veggie hot dogs and coffee and Chinese food and cookies and spicy peas and carrots and so much more. Oh, and chocolate.   Then more chocolate.   And, still MORE chocolate.  Seriously, the amount of chocolate was sort of obscene.  I am thankful the samples were small so that I could try so many different kinds before I felt like I might truly burst!

I would have liked to hang out to hear some of the talks being given, but I had to keep moving through my food-filled day.

Some of my favorite samples from VegFest – Chinese food!

I had to go home and bake.  My friend had a birthday to celebrate and cake needed to be made!  I will be posting about this cake later in the week, so stay tuned because this cake was good, you all.  Like, surprisingly good.  Pineapple.  Banana.  Cream cheese frosting.  Oh . . . yes.

Since it was my friend’s birthday, there also had to be a birthday dinner, right?  And drinks?  Of course!

A pre-dinner stop at The Woodsman Tavern provided one of the best mixed drinks I’ve had in quite some time.  Thank you, bartender, for opening my eyes to how wonderful honey is added to bourbon.  I had no idea.

Dinner found us at Blossoming Lotus.  Though I’ve lived in Portland for over three years now, I had not been to this little vegan-wonder.  I am regretful that it took me so long.  I ordered the Vindaloo Masala.  Vindaloo being one of my favorite sauces in the world already, I was looking forward to this dish.  What I didn’t know was that I would discover something they call ‘panisse cakes’ – little fried squares of chickpea flour and spring onions.  I’m not sure exactly how they made these so damn delicious, but they were like bites of pure amazing-ness.  So, so, so good.  I want more.



Anyway, what a food adventure my weekend was!  One of the most remarkable things that I noticed afterwards was how good I felt, even though I indulged so much.  There was a time when food indulgence like this would have meant eating food that was greasy, filled with refined sugar and overly-processed.  While I would have enjoyed it in the moment, I most assuredly would have felt terrible afterwards -physically and mentally.  This time around, though, it was quite different.  While I certainly won’t be eating so decadently (and so much) often, everything I consumed was relatively healthy.  It was natural.  It was real food.   And neither my body nor my mind is one bit upset about it the day after.  What a difference a food-lifestyle makeover can make!

4 comments on “My Saturday Food Spectacular: Portland VegFest and A Night Out at Blossoming Lotus (Or: Oh My Goodness, I Ate Too Much Delicious Food!)

  1. monarnica says:

    Couln’t agree more! Nice post.

  2. lifewithpepper says:

    Great post! I agree about how good food just makes you feel… good. 🙂

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