Why Wednesdays? – Why I Run, Reason #4: For My Health, Silly!

A Note About This Feature:  Why Wednesdays is a Move Eat Create weekly feature determined to turn the mid-week doldrums upside down and celebrate things I love to do and blog about.  Currently, the focus is on running

I debated about, mulled over and tossed around the idea of whether or not I should include this reason in my Why Wednesdays series on running.  I mean, it seems so simple and so obvious, that maybe it wasn’t worth it.

Then I realized how silly that was.  Sure, saying that I run for my health is simple, but it’s also a fundamental and core concept that is too critical to exclude.

For a huge portion of my life thus far I saw my health as something that was outside of my control.  Basically, I was going along, with no real regard to my health, just waiting for the day when cancer would strike (I have many major ‘risk factors’ for breast cancer), an autoimmune disease would hit (it’s prevalent in the women on the paternal side of my family), or an accident would happen (I mean, the news says they happen CONSTANTLY; clearly it would be my turn soon enough).  But something changed for me in 2011.  I was 30, waist deep in self-reflection and moody thoughts about life, aging, and the universe.  And I latched on to one fundamental, key concept that has entirely changed my way of living:  my health was in my control.

Sure, things happen.  I can’t prevent every ailment and injury that may come my way, but I sure can ward off many (maybe even most) of them.  I have flooded my brain with information on health, wellness, and fitness since that revelation and the fact of the matter is that most ailments (yes, even cancer) are things we have a great deal of control over.

I want to be healthy.  I want to be sick less often, live a quality life for as long as I can, spend less on pharmaceuticals, and feel good on a day to day basis.  I do several things to accomplish these goals and running is a major part.

In addition to eating clean and healthy, strength training, and working on mental clarity and wellness, I run at least 4 days a week.  I’ve seen so many changes in my health since starting to run (not to mention the changes in my mental clarity, general energy levels, and so on).  The health benefits of running are plentiful.  I breathe better.  My blood pressure is fantastic (it wasn’t bad before, but it’s still shown a significant drop).  My body aches less.  I get sick way less often then I used to.  Also, while I know that there is no guarantee for future health, I am dramatically decreasing my odds of future heart problems, body breakdown, dementia and other illnesses.

So, declaring that I run for my overall health may be simple, but it’s certainly not inconsequential.


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10 comments on “Why Wednesdays? – Why I Run, Reason #4: For My Health, Silly!

  1. John says:

    Seems as a good a reason as any.

  2. healthfulherbivore says:

    Good and important point. Society for the most part tells us that we don’t have control. By promoting ideas that cancer, diabetes and so many other things are just genetic, so eat whatever the heck you want! I appreciate this post because I too had this ‘revelation’ that we can control our own health, reading the China Study was a huge turning point in my life. We don’t have to fear the impending diagnosis we can actually pervent or even reverse it!! So your right, it is simple but so crucial to eat and live halthfully! (sorry for the long comment, I can get a little worked up;) )

  3. Jacey says:

    Hey thank you for liking my latest blog post. 🙂

    I can relate so much to what you said about how you used to believe your health was something outside of your control. That was definitely something I convinced myself to be true back in my fat days.

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