My Workday Survival Tool

If my workday was presented to you in a pie chart, it would look something like this:

I work in social services.  I entered this field driven by a fierce need to know that my work (at least in some small way) makes a positive difference in the community and lives around me.

The moments when I am able to feel connected to that mission and see it working in action genuinely make all the other moments worthwhile.

With that said, for all the warm, fuzzy moments, for all the successes (big and small) that I get to see, there are at least 3 times as many stress-inducing, tension-filled, anxiety-producing moments.  It’s just the nature of the work that I do.

I haven’t even yet mentioned all the mind-numbing paperwork and data entry.  Seriously – when it comes to paperwork, social service workers can compete with accountants and legal aides any day of the week.

I tell you this in a lead up to sharing with you my secret weapon against the stress and dreariness that can consume large portions of my day.  If I’m not careful, every ounce of creative, energetic spirit I have can be sucked out of me by the time I get home.  But I have found a way to help temper it a bit.  A little something that helps me feel levity amongst the pain, sadness, and stress around me.

Here it is.  My secret weapon is  .  .  .  Podcasts!



Oh, you were probably expecting something a bit sexier?  More exciting?  More .  .  . prolific?

Well, I am serious about this one – however simple it may be.  Podcasts have been my lifeline on rough days. Specifically, I most often listen to creatively-focused podcasts.  Those that emphasize making, discovering, and exploring are high in my queue.  Being able to connect to this sort of creative energy amongst the gray cube walls and the two (yes – TWO) computer screens I work on throughout the day (between meetings with clients) makes all the difference in the world to my personal sustainability.

I wanted to give a shout out to and share with you some of my favorite podcasts.  Check them out if you can.  I highly recommend them to help keep you grounded amongst a stressful environment, as well as to foster your own creative spirit!

My Favorite Creatively-Minded Podcasts

What are your favorite podcasts?  And, how do you connect to your creative self during stressful times?

2 comments on “My Workday Survival Tool

  1. Josh says:

    I could not agree more. My first experience with podcasts was listening to video game journalists discuss gaming news and reviews. I eventually moved on to a different group of complaintive outcasts in the form of podcasts from comedians like Marc Maron. I’m currently on the hunt for a good cycling podcast or two!

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